Groundhog Knit

Have you wondered where all my exciting “this is what I’m currently working on” photos are? Do you miss my teasing “I can’t show you properly” images of samples? Well probably not because no one likes a tease, but you are right. There has been a distinct lack of things for you to look at.

Well, I’m in the thick of commissions at the moment. I took on a commission from Eribe Knitwear in July thinking “That’ll keep me ticking over with paid work and allow me to work on my own designs at the same time”. So there I was all organised and planned (Sarah stop giggling back there), when I got a phone call from an old Uni pal who’s interning for a studio and they needed a hand knitter. Was I available? I checked the deadline and knew I’d be busy but how could I say no? Well a sensible person would tell me “Simple. You say NO” but I really struggle with that word. Which is why I’m currently knitting 10 pairs of mitts for Eribe and at least 2 long cardigans (although that may increase to 4) long cardigans for Kate.

So gentle reader there is little time for anything else at the moment although that will ease off next week, when the Eribe commission needs to be completed. Then I can concentrate on long cardigans and some more of my designs. I’m itching to get on with my own work and have ideas for at least 2 new designs as well as wanting to knit more of the existing style.

Hang in there, I’ll be back to teasing you in no time.


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