One Down, One to Go.

At the beginning of the week I finished one of my current commissions. There was much relief at finishing on time because it means I’m clear to work on the second one. I’m waiting on yarn at the moment so I can’t do anything. Next week (if the yarn arrives), it’ll be all action but until then, I have some precious time to myself.

You’re thinking “Lucky Katy. She’s got a holiday”. If only! During the last commission, I was desperate to get to my own designs and patterns. Ideas had been scribbled on scraps of paper so I didn’t forget them. (I’m getting on you know) and notes were all over my work desk and diary. So for the last few days, I’ve been finishing some WIPs, deciphering my handwriting and starting to design a new sweater for my mens collection. This one is called “Wilson” and I can share some photos with you –

003 001

Before you grumble that there isn’t much to see, I only cast on last night when I was at knit group so there may have been more chatting and drinking than actual knitting. This morning, I was working on some more maths for the sizing. Now I’ve got a handle on what I’m doing with this, the sweater should fly along. We’ll wait and see but if I get a decent chance over the weekend, I’m hoping to get a fair chunk of it done before the next commission kicks off.

I promise to let you know how it progresses and of course he finished garment.


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