Sparkling Saturday – Sarah Hamilton Prints

This morning I’d like to share the fun prints and works by Sarah Hamilton.

Sarah is a printmaker based in South London who creates an extensive range of cards, wooden blocks, prints and paintings. She talks about her work with such joy, it’s infectious –

Every mirror, print, card and woodblock made in my sunny South London studio reflects my passion for colour, drawing and textured materials. Joyful, fresh and contemporary, with a Mid-Century Scandinavian feel, my images emerge from sketchbooks and are hand, or digitally, printed. Silkscreen printing is my first love – lifting a screen to reveal a glorious hit of rich colour is heaven. Colours, and their effect on each other, fascinate me. Put simply my colours must sing – which is harder to achieve than it sounds – and is why my studio creaks under the weight of endless colour tests and samples. I thoroughly enjoy everything about making my work, and each aspect receives the same loving attention to detail, from packaging a card to designing a large commission.

Her work is certainly richly coloured and full of joy.

As you can see the work is wonderfully playful and has a lightness to it. The colours are bright and there is a definite Scandinavian feel to the images. It puts me in mind of crisp air and sun shining on a chilly day.

Her drawings have a similar feel which is a gorgeous feat in monochrome.

Sarah also creates woodblocks which are bursts of colour that can really brighten a space.

Sarah’s work is bright and vibrant and at the same time playful. I love the deceptively simplistic lines. It gives the overall print a very clean feel. I am in awe of anyone who works within print – it’s a way of mark making I’ve never been able to master. and Sarah’s definitely that. When I look at her prints it makes me happy that there are such things in the world.

If you wish to explore more of Sarah’s work, then visit her site and enjoy these wonderful pieces of art.


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