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Isn’t it always the way. No yarny related Sparking Saturdays and then two come along at once. However, this is my blog and I can do what I want. Plus I have quite the girl crush on the lovely Linda Lencovic.

Linda is  a Canadian born, UK-based yarn dyer with a beautiful sense of subtle colour. If you look at her background, you can see why –

Growing up ‘in the woods’ in the wilds of northern British Columbia, colour has always been a huge part of my life. As a child I was the always the one marvelling at sunsets or elbow deep in the finger paints, glorying at the amazing way colours would mix.

Looking at the colours that Linda works with, you can absolutely see the gentle progression of shades and tones that happens so seamlessly in nature.


beautiful sunrises.

beautiful sunrises.

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subtle woodland shades

subtle woodland shades


The colours are gorgeously rich without being retina searing. You can really see the subtle changes within the colour. Even in the ones that appear to be a solid “grey” or “blue”, if you look closer there is far more there.

Not only does Linda produces stunning yarns, she tries to do it with a clear conscience –

The yarn bases I use are carefully sourced from ethical mills to ensure animal welfare and I try to use fibres with low carbon footprints to reduce negative impact on the environment. These yarns are then lovingly kettle dyed in small batches by hand to get a subtle depth of colour for people as crazy about luscious colour as I am!

This really speaks to me. When I knit sweaters for the shop, I try to use British yarns and were possible, endangered sheep breeds to try to help boost demand for the fibre and increase flock numbers. Linda too, thinks about the animal as part of the process. We all know that better cared for livestock, makes them happy and that happy, well cared for sheep, makes for better fleece. Yet there are still companies that are all about profit over ethics. Linda makes it easier to be a responsible consumer.

If you have fallen in love with Linda’s yarns, please stalk her Etsy site. She also has a blog where you can keep up to date on all her news.


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