Sparking Saturday – Nnuroj

It can’t have escaped your notice that I’ve yet to share work from a fellow knitter as part of Sparking Saturday. This is not because I am the only knitter in the village, but because I wanted to share other things with you. I am a well rounded human being with many and varied interests. However, I am a knitter and I do enjoy the work of other needle wielders. That’s why I want to share the work of Nnuroj.

Nnuroj is the knitting adventure of UK-based Norwegian designer, Jorunn Hustoft. Jorunn works from her studio in Brighton to create highly textured pieces of unconventional knitting. Her range includes bean bags cushions and sock blankets. Jorunn uses machine knitting to create her pieces, taking inspiration from –

The modernisation of traditional crafts techniques is a central theme within the development of her designs. Inspired by lace making, upholstery and the ways that wool can benefit our living environment, her main concerns during the design process are to create pieces that are unique, durable and sustainable.

The pieces are certainly unique. They are also fun and are incredibly tactile.

selection-of-upholstered-cushions-and-upholstered-beanbag-with-textured-blanket large-textured-beanbag-grey-marl1 large-textured-beanbags-in-poppy-red-and-grey-marl nnuroj-childs-sock-blanket-2 split-upholstered-cushion-jet-black1

You see! Lots of touch worthy surfaces. I love the rippled texture. The influence from Brighton beach is very apparent. Can’t you just hear the waves falling over one another?

The sock blanket is great. Especially with the nights drawing in. They have a real snuggly feel to them, like burying in and hibernating. They come in a range of sizes from adult, all the way down to baby. The baby one reminds me of the film Jack and Sarah, when Jack dresses baby Sarah in random things around the house for their first outing, putting her in a jiffy bag as a make shift pouch and finishing the ensemble of with a spare sock for a hat. Jorunn’s knitting has the same sense of whimsical fun.

Nnuroj, will be debuting as a pop-up shop for London Design Festival from 18 ā€“ 22 September Please go and support this creative knitter. For more information visit Jorunn’s site

As she says herself – Stay Warm


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