Sparking Saturday – Claire Lowe

I’m really excited to be featuring a jewellery designer who uses two of my favourite things.

The reason behind one of those things is explained in the pages of her site –

Claire is a keen tea drinker and at university started to use tea as a material, as her experimentation progressed she became interested in the tradition of tea drinking and tea paraphernalia.

So, do you fancy a cuppa?

Tea necklace in white & clear resin.

Tea necklace in white & clear resin.

Tea in white resin

Tea in white resin

Wool encased in clear resin ring.

Wool encased in clear resin ring.

resin and tea bangles(1) stitch 018 wool pendant

I love that these look so elegant & sophisticated but are made with such unusual materials. You may also have noticed that Claire doesn’t just use tea. (I am so predictable) Why use fibre in such a different way?

Contradictory textures and feelings are seen in the knitted/woolen range, putting soft surfaces and materials inside hard plastic and creating a visual texture without a sensory feeling.

It really is a pleasing visual texture. Claire’s use of these materials and, by stripping them of their obvious function, changes how we interact with them. That for me, this subversion is really interesting and a huge part of the attraction. The skill is making pieces that are visually stunning and Claire produces some of the best I’ve seen. Especially within the clear resin. The trapped elements feel like they’re suspended in space and they float around you as you wear them.

If you find Claire’s pieces as captivating as I do, then I recommend you visit her site where you can see more of her work and buy some unique jewellery.


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