Sparking Saturday – Dollydoo.

With the weather turning cooler and everything becoming bleak and grey, it’s important to enjoy something bright. With that in mind, I’d like to share Dollydoo.

The creative outlet for Emily Jeffrey, Dollydoo is a collection of handmade applique cushions and felt pictures. They are full of fun and whimsy and put me in mind of Fuzzy Felt but better. I wish I’d had these kind of bright material pieces to play with when I as a kid.

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Don’t you just want to play with these vivid pieces? They really have a strong connection with childhood memories and playfulness.

Emily has a talent for capturing recognisable motifs and re imagine them in her own fuzzy world. Look at the picture of London. The result is something that has a childlike joy, making it all the more beautiful. Emily’s skill is using simple shapes to create something eye-catching. Nice and bold. As with other creative folks I’ve featured, it’s deceptive. I challenge you to take those same shapes and create something with as much personality. Not so easy is it?

Fortunately Emily has done it for us! If you want to support this talented woman, then have a look at her site. Emily also enjoys the challenge of a commission, so allow your imagination to wander and let her help you explore a personal, playful addition to your home.

So many pretty things.



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