Sparking Saturday – Lubilou

It’s grey outside and I’m still getting over my cold so I want something that is gentle and has a sense of humour. What better than Lubilou?

Working in ceramics, Lubilou makes quirky handmade ceramic sheep, chickens, brooches and other creations. The most vital element to Lubilou is texture – “I always add texture. This is important to me as it’s like adding personality to each piece”. It really does.

Pete - likes 80's music & badminton.

Pete – likes 80’s music & badminton.

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Frank - likes rugby & jam

Frank – likes rugby & jam

Sue & Faye - like knitting, ABBA, skipping & grapes.

Sue & Faye – like knitting, ABBA, skipping & grapes.

Alma - likes dancing

Alma – likes dancing

Alma looks like she has some killer moves.  I imagine her to be more a Latin lovely than a Ballroom babe but I’m certain she heads out for a night of hitting clubs. Coming home in time to greet the milkman after a night of shaking her stuff. And for me, Frank is the perfect man boiling up blackcurrants while comparing throw ins. Plus I could use his fleece for knitting. What’s not to love? The texture really does bring these characters to life.

Lubilou brooches also have the same sense of fun. There is the lightness and delicacy of lace with colour that can brighten up the greyest day.They make me think of the hours of fun I had with Spirograph. I’ve also seen some buttons on Lubilou’s facebook page. Now I want to knit something with Frank’s fleece and then decorate it with ceramic buttons.

I’m off to plan this magnificent garment. If you want to feel so inspired then have a look at Lubilou’s site and enjoy. Lubilou says “I want whatever I make to make me smile”. It makes us all smile.


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