Sparking Saturday – Tori Murphy

I  love patterns. They soothe my brain and make my eyes relax. Do you remember Magic Eye pictures? I can’t do those because I have the wrong shaped eyeball. (Yes that really is a thing and really why the pictures exist in the first place. They are an ophthalmic diagnostic tool) For me strong geometric patterns are my Magic Eye pictures. My eyes relax and I can start to see all sorts of other things.

Imagine my joy, when I discovered the work of Tori Murphy – a weaver who is passionate about keeping her products British. Creating gorgeous geometric patterns in here weaving and supporting British suppliers – both are things that make me very happy.

Driven by a desire to create products with character & integrity, my pursuit to weave fabric & manufacture in Britain has been challenging but I am very proud to say our fabric is woven in Lancashire, washed in the Yorkshire Dales & made up in to product in Nottingham.

Truly a British product. And the finished items looks stunning.

imagesb imagesc imagesd index indexa

Aren’t those geometric patterns lovely?!

The desire to make something meaningful is a powerful one and it’s clearly a factor within her work, but Tori proves that meaningful can be stylish. The lines are clean and crisp with a fresh feel to them. These work within a modern, minimalist space as well as giving a more traditional setting a breath of fresh air. They feel effortlessly grown-up.  I also like the fact that Tori hasn’t just gone with the obvious black/white/grey mixes but also uses lilacs with greys and soft greens, pinks and egg yolk yellows. This is the secret to keeping these pieces feeling lively.

If you have fallen in love with these soft furnishings then I encourage you to look at Tori’s site to see more examples of her fabulous work. I would also recommend that you follow her blog to keep up to date with her latest news.


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