This Week I Have Mostly Been …

What a busy week it’s been here at Triskele Towers.

I started back at the Uni this week. after the Summer break. When I was a student at Bucks, I worked part-time with Disability Services as a note-taker for students who didn’t take their own notes. It boosted my loan and it was an excuse to get out of the studio. Even though I’m now no longer at the Uni, I still work there a few sessions a week. It’s really good for giving my brain a rest from design and stitch structures. It also gets me out of the house. The most important thing though, is that I get to learn something completely different. I’ve covered sports motivation, film studies, digital animation and this year I’m covering psychology with one student and policing and criminology with another. I’m one of those people who wishes they knew more so this is a good way for me to discover some new ideas and it can be inspiring. Last year, a lecture in game theory and ludology gave me ideas for designs. Even when the needles are down, my little brain is ticking over.

Being at the Uni gives me some structure. It’s something I know I crave. It’s part of my Type A trait. I can freewheel for a set period of time within the day which is useful but to have a whole day without purpose is to guarantee nothing will be done.  Not good.

This week has been the first week back for my students, so we’re all finding our feet. Working out what the timetable will look like and who can cover which lectures. This is always the busiest week then it settles into a nice pattern. As it stands, all the lectures I’m covering happen on a Friday, so I have the rest of the week to get on with my own work and it’s a nice excuse to meet up with mates for a beer on a Friday night.

Plus I know if I have a day of enforced no knitting, I’m desperate to get stuck in the next day, making for a much more productive experience.

I’m sure I’ll share the results with you.


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