A Change To Our Schedhuled Programming

Since today is Saturday, it’s reasonable to expect a post about some talented chap or other. However, I’ve decided to have a little rest over the next few weeks.

There’s lots of things happening at Triskele Towers and working on all them, as hard as I have to, means I don’t have time to write a feature post properly and do it with the justice each designer/maker deserves.

It may come back in February but I have some ideas for elements that encourage play within my own practice which would be nice to share with you all. I know that some of you are interested in the process so it would be a nice way of combining some things.

It’s part of any artistic process to evaluate and evolve and this is simply part of that. The very nature of what I do means that things move on and develop. This is a record of my growth, so if I only show you things I’ve done a thousand times before, it means I’m not really getting further in this endeavour and you’re going to be bored senseless.

I like the idea of taking more risks with things and trying out some ideas. I’ve got so caught up in setting up my shop, that I’ve had little time for other things. Now that the shop feels more settled, I can work on taking some of these thought experiments and playing with them in the physical world. Don’t worry, there will still be sweater designs and studio samples to share with you – I can’t turn that part of my brain off – but there are other areas I want to explore such as with sculpture and “free knitting”.

I’m feeling very excited about the coming months and hopefully you’re feeling curious enough to stick around.



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