A Tangle of Cables

The second commission is now off the needles. I finished it last night but had to wait for some decent daylight in order to take some photos. Mother Nature, however, had other ideas and today is full of grey dampness. Still, I’m a determined young woman and managed to find something approximating light and took these –

005003 004

The scarf is a gorgeous combination of big, chunky cables worked into a plait alongside finer ones that frame the piece and was a real joy to knit.

Of course now it’s finished, my brain is back to sweaters. I have “Fraser” that is teetering on the edge of finished and then it’ll be work on the next design. Quite by coincidence this will be a cable sweater. I’ve had an idea for a circular shawl too which is a mass of cables.

I’m not sure “tangle” is the right collective noun for a group of cables, but it certainly describes the way my projects and designs are interacting at the moment.


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