A Woman With A Plan

I have many plans in operation at any one time. These range from work and knitting schedules to tedious household stuff and are usually in my diary in a vague attempt to stay sane (No giggling back there).

Yesterday I drew up a new plan.

It occurred to me that there is a significant public holiday approaching. You know, the one at the end of December. The one whose name is taboo until at least the middle of that month. It also occurred to me that just for once, it’d be nice to have some time off. Knowing myself well enough, I need to have a nice clear space and so I made a plan for the rest of the year. It takes me up to 21st December which is perfect. I’ll be able to celebrate Yule in relative relaxation and even do some fun stuff during my holiday know that all my work is done.  So what does this plan look like?

First of all, I need to finish “Hetherington”. The back is done and the rest should crack along nicely.

Next will be knitting some sweaters for the shop. I’ve got it in mind that I’ll do 2. One may well be a “Hetherington” and I may knit a “Fraser” but who knows? The most important thing is that I do 2.

If I get those done in plenty of time, I’ll use the rest of the time to work on some studio samples.

In the evenings I’ll be working on a Yule gift. I’m only knitting one this year and this is for a very special gift. If I do it in the evenings, I should have plenty of time to do it. I’ve almost finished, just the edging to go. I’m being deliberately vague in case the recipient happen upon this post before they get to unwrap it.

All of that takes me to 20th December when I’ll be able to relax, play with new ideas, sleep in and generally do what ever I want.

Which means I get to write a plan for my holiday!


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