First Looks at “Hetherington”

Yesterday I started work on a new sweater design. This is becoming a regular opening statement isn’t it but I’ve got a few designs that I need to work on and now commissions are out of the way, I’ve got some time to do just that.

You’re not really interested in the why though are you? You’re more interested in the “What does it look like?”

Well. Like this –

038 040 041 042 043

See! I told you I wasn’t finished with those pesky cables.

The idea is based on two cables – both moving 2 over 2 but with differing gaps between the those movements so they start at the same point but travel at different speeds. I’m really pleased with the results and am enjoying the movement of the cables. It makes it an interesting knit for me which means it should move along quite quickly.

As it progresses, I’ll keep you updated but I need to crack on otherwise I’ll have nothing to show you.


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