Sparking Saturday – Amy Lee Strachan Textile Design

It’s time to share another designer/maker with you and I felt it was about time we had a textiles designer. Something that was vibrant and exciting with strong lines and elegance. Something that is a lovely statement piece. Amy Lee Strachan’s stunning printed silk scarves certainly fill that brief.

You know me and printing are not the happiest of bedfellows but when I see work like Amy’s, I’m so pleased that there are people whose brains work that way. As Amy says –

I love drawing, doodling, painting and experimenting with colour and texture. I find lots and lots of different things inspiring- too many to name them all :)

The fact that Amy loves doodling is evident in her work –

4593030976.swf 4593031231.swf 4593032430.swf 4593032756.swf 4593033140.swf 4597867971.swf

I love those string lines that zigzag over the fabric and allow your eye to travel. These are so bright and cheerful, adding a really striking elegance to a garment.

Silk is a gorgeous fibre to work with because of the depth of shimmer it adds to colour, It just makes the whole thing sing. The print stops being flat blocks. This effect is enhanced when it’s on a body, full of shape and movement. To be able to work in this 2D way and envision it as a 3D piece is where the talent lies. It’s not just putting the blocks of colour on the fabric, it’s about putting them next to each other in the right way.

If Amy’s work has brightened up your day, then this is where you can find more and drool over more of her scarves.

Amy is so talented and I love her use of colour. It’s great to see something so cheerful as we plough into shorter days with only pale sunshine. It’s also the perfect excuse to snuggle into something luxurious and comforting.


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