Sparking Saturday – Kelly Swallow

This week I want to share my new latest crush. It’s a bit different to my normal thing but knowing me as you do, it makes sense. Your first clue is “Kelly Swallow – Unique Patchwork Designs”

Your second clue is about Kelly’s process –

Kelly Swallow’s chairs are individually sourced vintage pieces, each with its own unique charm. The personality of every piece is rediscovered by painstakingly and lovingly choosing an exciting collection of fabrics to create unique pieces with newfound splendour.

OK. So it’s furniture. But not just any furniture. This is … well … take a look

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Splendour indeed! Aren’t they fun?! The fabric for each chair is a perfect match – it’s part of the overall personality – it’s almost that a given combination of fabric only works for that piece. That is part of the skill – getting the right combination of fabrics together. And what fabrics they are  –

The fabrics range from vintage to designer including  Kenzo, Zoffany, Liberty, Andrew Martin, Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Lorca, Mulberry – an eclectic mix with exciting and surprising contrasts

The thought of all that fabric makes me quite giddy. The difference between fibers, finishes and textures makes for some really interesting combinations. These are pieces of abstract art – every time you look and interact with them, you see  something new and different. This lets you rediscover the piece of furniture in new ways. Like falling in love with the same person many times over.

The care and craftsmanship within the process is stunning and should not be underestimated. These are the creations of someone who understands restoration properly and is passionate about what they do. Above all of that they are just plain fun. They make people happy.

If you want to feel even happier than go and visit Kelly’s site and try not to drool on the upholstery although that is easier said than done.


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