Sparking Saturday – LucyLou Designs

It’s that time of the week to share something pretty. This time it’s stunning silver jewellery by Jo Bignold, the creative genius behind LucyLou Designs.

Jo works in her Lancashire studio using traditional silversmithing techniques. Using such a hands-on method means that she can create more unique pieces –


My pieces are either one-offs or small limited editions, which means that you will have the benefit of a beautiful handmade piece of silver jewellery which you are unlikely to see anyone else wearing. Why buy mass produced when I can give you designer style without the designer price tag?

So what kind of items of loveliness does Jo create?

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The pieces are thoughtful and elegant because of the handmade element. They take longer than stamping a shape out using a machine. They are considered as they are shaped. Look at the little rings that circle the bangle and you’ll notice that they are made of differing textures. There are 21 little pieces that surround the main part which is a really different way of adding interest. There there’s the flower ring at the end. That’s a statement piece if ever I saw one but it’s not brash because it’s not an item than takes 5 mins to put together with a hot glue gun. These take time. They are thought about and considered. How will the light bounce around it and interact with the surface? How will this change the piece? How can I collect the light and add shimmer? These questions can often take the most time in the process but it is absolutely worth while.

As well as care about the design, Jo cares about the quality. Each piece is hallmarked – a guarantee of purity – and that seems to be one of the most important aspects to Jo. She really cares about her work and that shines through the finished piece.

If you want to see more items in Jo’s range then have a look around her Folksy shop and if you want to learn more about her process then feel free to explore her site

Go on. Treat yourself to something individual and beautiful without the extravagant price tag.


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