Success or Failure.

Being halfway through the final month of the year, it’s natural to become reflective and assess the last 11 or so months. I’ve been looking back at challenges I’ve set myself, figuring out if I’ve had a good year.

The only real challenge I set myself was a knitting one. I know – that’s really surprised you hasn’t it!. Affectionately known as “12 in 13”, it is just that. To knit 12 items in 2013. They can be anything you want and I had a nice selection of gloves, a hat, some shawls and a sweater. So how have I done?

I’ve failed. I’m looking at the list and I’ve knitted 4 items and abandoned a 5th leaving 7 still to do. Now I’m good but not even I can knit the 7 remaining items in my queue. I could swap those 7 for simple projects that only take a few hours each but that’s not really in the spirit of the thing.

So the only thing I set myself to do has beaten me.

However, when I pointed this out to a friend, she was stunned. “You’re kidding right? Look at all the things you’ve done this year” And she may have a point –

  • Started this blog.
  • Worked on a commission for the designer, Jane Bowler.
  • Published 5 patterns.
  • Knitted samples for the studio.
  • Sold designs in New York & Paris.
  • Set up Triskele Designs.
  • Opened my shop.
  • Designed 4 sweaters for the shop.
  • Worked on 5 commissions
  • Invited to sell through BRITShomeCHIC
  • Added to the list of UK made menswear designers/manufacturers Grey Fox Blog
  • Knitted a total of 29,749 meters of yarn (allowing for items to be finished before the end of the year). Or 18 mi and 853 yds for those of you who are imperial.

So whilst I may not have completed 12 items, I’ve accomplished an awful lot. And let’s not forget the experiments and plots I’ve hatched throughout the year too.

Here’s to the next year of successful failure.


PS. Boy has asked me to point out. I did get married this year too.

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