A Nice Man Wrote Nice Things.

I’ve been chatting to a lovely man called Josh who runs a specialist website for chaps. Not the usual specialist websites for chaps but one that brings together quality products for the discerning gentleman. All manner of grooming products, accessories and must-haves can be found here but whilst many of Handmade Men’s counterparts are of the pile it high and sell it cheap school of thought, Josh curates a site that has a feeling of genuine care. It is cool, clean and classy, selecting the best products for all pockets. Handmade Men is concerned with making it easy for men to find high quality items. It’s also the perfect site for the partners of these men, looking for a gift for their chap that’s a bit more exciting and individual.

You can see why the site appeals to me. A place where handmade is valued and respected is just my kind of site. It appears, I’m their kind of maker too. I got a smashing message from Josh yesterday, telling me I’d been featured in the “shout-out” section of the website.

I’m stunned by the lovely things Josh wrote about my sweaters. He has a wonderful turn of phrase and it made me smile all day. I showed my husband last night when he got home from work, and the first thing he said was “Wow! This guy completely understands you and your work!” It’s true. Josh has gleaned things about my work and ethos, I’ve not shared with him. Only someone who shares the same passion as you, can write with such insight.

Please visit Handmade Men, not just to read Josh’s fab write-up but to explore the site and find other handmade treasures.


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