New Additions.

This week of tasks is drawing to a close and I’m making good progress in both the sample studio work and the shop.

The 3rd sample for this month is finished and has been added to the blocking pile. I know I’ve mentioned this already this month, but I really am pleased with the sample results. The paper-folding book is incredibly inspiring and this habit of looking at things at different angles, seems to be bleeding into all my other primary resources. I’m excited at the thought of sending these off at the end of the month but also slightly nervous. It’ll be the first time someone else will see them and  have an opinion. It’s not the first time I’ve ever sent things off to the studio and yet I’ve still not shaken off that slight apprehension I experience as I wait for a verdict from the studio head.

I’ve also been working on some more stock for the shop. I added a new sweater last week.  So having emptied my shop sweater needles, I cast on the next one last Monday. I’m working on a “Fraser” style sweater in a beautifully soft cream BFL. The back is nearly done so next week, I’ll start on the front and sleeves.

I’ve also got studio sample number 4 ready to go so it looks like next week’s work has pretty much organised itself.

Best I get on with it!


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