What’s A Girl To Do?

I’m sure the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is more of your 9-5. I know when I worked in my previous career, I looked forward to running out the door and filling my evenings with more fun things than grumpy nurses and sick people.

Of course that was my old job. Not this one. So having spent all day knitting I spend my evenings doing much the same. Except I work on fun things rather than work samples and sweater designs.

Over my Christmas break, I noticed I’ve acquired an awful lot of sock yarn so I’m currently on a sock knitting kick. I’m in need of some knee-highs so that’s my “disengage brain” knitting. I could knit these in my sleep so it’s perfect when I want to concentrate on a film, at the pub etc.

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Sometimes I need something a bit more engaging so I’ve got some bigger projects on my needles – a lovely sweater and some lace shawls. I’m also knitting a mystery shawl. The idea is that you know, when you sign up, what sort of thing you’ll be knitting (eg shawl), but not what it looks like. Each week you get the next set of instructions until you have the whole pattern. It’s fun because there’s an element of the unknown and it tends to be quite engaging. So I thought I’d show you my current mystery KAL (knit along).

I know this behaviour is bordering on the obsessiveness but when I get to make such pretty things, how can I do something else?



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