Reading Books & Folding Pages

The current batch of samples were posted off on Thursday and, quite amazingly for a parcel sent 1st class via Royal Mail, arrived at the studio on Friday. I was nervous as I waited for Emily the boss’s response but she liked them! You’d think I’d be used to this process by now but every time I send something off, I worry that I’ll have designed something no-one will like.  All Emily said was that some were more “wintery” so they’d wait until the season changes but that the rest would be going with her to Paris in a few weeks. Ah so if you’re not going for another few weeks, would you like me to work on some more samples and send them over? “Send over what ever you have”

So this coming week is going to be slightly different at work in that I’ll be working solidly on samples between now and when Emily goes. There’ll be no shop work or other design work. I want to get some more samples together so need to focus accordingly. Naturally I have a number in mind for the amount I want to knit but we’ll just have to see how close I get.

Inspiration is still coming from my paper-folding work –

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but the other day I discovered a new resource that made me ridiculously excited.

The Winchester School of Art has a Knitting Reference Library. A whole library dedicated to knitting! Can you imagine?! Some of this collection has been digitised and can be found here.

Some of these books date back to the 1800s. The fact that these books are still intact is wonderful but that they are in a format that can be accessed by anyone not just students at the University is remarkable. And I can’t wait to have a chance to properly sit down and work my way through the 61 books of knitting gloriousness.


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