A Swarm of B’s

My recent time off has proved to be very inspiring. I had some great ideas occur to me for samples and solutions to problems just appeared from nowhere.

I’m reminded of a lecture I sat in on the nature of inspiration and what to do to get creativity moving. One of the recommendations was the 3 Bs – bath, bed or bus – the idea is that if you engage in something restful or mundane and ideally with a repetitive nature. Your mechanical brain is occupied and your creative brain is allowed to meander.

It may sound unlikely but it’s surprising how many ideas or solutions have come to me while I’ve been soaking in the bath or just on the verge of sleep. Although 3 Bs have been proposed, I’ve added “bread” – kneading dough is another source of problem solving – and “breathing” – either during meditation or yoga. I’ve been doing all of theses during my holiday so it makes sense I’ve come back to work with ideas and plans and schemes.

So now my new B is Busy.


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