Spreading The Love

It’s lovely being on holiday. Sleeping in, doing my yoga, relaxing the notion of a to-do list. It’s very nice. I’ve also had some space to sort some out jobs that require some consideration.

The most exciting of these (so far) is that I’ve added internationally shipping to my Etsy shop. It might not sound like a huge thing but it allows me to send my designs out into a wider world and I think that’s exciting. It’s taken me a little while to figure it out and make sure I’ve got my pricings right but when I’ve had an increasing number of people contact me and say “I wish you delivered to the US”, I realise it would be silly not to rectify that.

So whilst I am on holiday, I have done a little bit of work, but if it means spreading the knitting love a  little further around the world, I’m sure you can forgive me.


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