Bite Size Pieces

The packing continues apace and time for sample knitting has been challenging. I’ve been working on a different idea which combines elements not normally put together. As such it’s taking a bit of working out and since the way I work things out is by doing them and problem solving as needed, this can be slow going. Especially for something so different.

For the moment I’ve given myself a break from it. However, I can’t not knit. I mean that would be insane. So I’ve decided to tackle this unexpected opportunity for a sneaky sample in a different way.

I’m making this one as a modular piece. This is when a small element is knitted and then subsequent pieces are knitted off of it. It allows me to work in small bursts and not get lost. It also means I can play with different directions. It’s giving me the opportunity to play with angles and running threads which is quite exciting. The other benefit of this system is if I don’t like a piece, I can rip it out without disturbing all the pieces that have gone before and therefore I’ve not lost too much.

Hopefully I’ll make good progress. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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