Handsome and Rugged

This week I’ve started work on anew sweater for the shop. This is going to be a “Fraser” with the yarn coming from the fabulous Sheepfold.

006 007

The yarn is a Black Leicester Longwool in a grey colour. I love how there are shades of grey within this yarn making it more mottled without being a tweed. The fibre has quite a long staple whilst the spun yarn has a more rugged texture rather than the smoother Blue Faced Leicester that I’ve knitted with before. While this sounds rough, it’s actually nice and “rustic”  and is knitting into a beautifully solid texture.

008 009

I’m working on sleeves at the moment and I’ll let you know how this knits up as I progress. I’m looking forward to knitting the body and seeing how those ribs travel.


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