Moving Mania

It’s manic here at the moment. The same day I signed my studio contract, my mother-in-law rang to let me know that the sale of her house has been agreed and that she needs to move by the 29th. Of this month. She has somewhere to move to and it’s vacant which makes life easier but there needs to be some decorating first. So the needles have been abandoned for a roller and a tin of paint.

The best part of this is that I’ve had plenty of opportunity for letting my brain go and allowing ideas to come to me. (You see. It’s another “B” activity – brushing). It’s been really interesting to work against a vast flat surface. Especially a vertical flat surface. Being in the studio is going to allow me a greater space for playing and I want to explore working on surfaces other than a desk to create. As I swept the roller over a wall, I imagined that line being pencil and continuing. What could that line become? What if it met other lines? These are questions I want to really play with in my new work space.

There is another benefit of helping with MIL moving. She’s getting rid of various items of furniture. So far I’ve scored a low cupboard that will double as a seating element, a futon, a vacuum cleaner and a shelving unit. Yesterday we went to look for curtains for MIL’s new bedroom and I came away with 6 carpet sample tiles for next to nothing. Perfect for a blocking station at the studio and they will stack discreetly when they’re not in use.

As observant readers will have noticed, we move MIL on the 29th and then I move on the 1st of May so it’s going to be busy but my move is going to be gradual, taking a new lot of stuff there each time I go.

In the meantime, I have some packing to be getting on with.


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