What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was quite the disastrous knitting day. No one died so, in the grand scheme of things, it could have been a lot worse but it felt pretty bad.

First this weeks sample. Where to start? Well the first sample just didn’t quite work. The mechanics are great but the way it was being executed could be better. So back to the drawing board with that one. Fear not though gentle reader, I had a back-up sample. After casting on for a second time on larger needles, I had to face the fact that that wasn’t working either. So it’s been put in the naughty corner of my work tale to think about what it has done. (Or not as the case may be).

There’s no need to panic though. I still had a sock design I could work on. This is a design I’ve had knocking around for a while but not got round to completing and checking through the pattern. So I could do that. I mean all I have to do is knit the sock. How much can go wrong with that? Well if you get midway through and realise the yarn choice isn’t working, quite a lot. It just obscured the pattern because the colour changes in the yarn are quite short and sharp which makes the sock too busy. So the sock got frogged too.

So at the end of my day of knitting yesterday, all I have to show for it is 30-odd rows of sleeve.

My friend pointed out that there are no failures in Science. Yesterday it felt like I’d found 10,00 ways that won’t work which, whilst educational, is not fun.


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