Physician. Knit Thyself.

Today was my first day back at work but I finished early – after all it is a Bank Holiday. The problem I had was that all my knitting had turned to “meh”. There was nothing I felt like knitting. I’ve spent part of my 2 week “holiday” working on either sock blankie or my spiral scarf. I love both of them but I wanted a break. So I looked at my other WIPs. Nothing. Nothing I wanted to work on.So I though I’d cast on a new thing. I looked through my Ravelry queue because there is plenty there to have me reaching for a fresh ball of yarn Believe me. Today, however, the earth didn’t even tremble.

What ever was I going to do?

Then I remembered. I’m a designer. I should design something.

I looked in my stash to find a yarn that spoke to me since that is never a problem. I found some lovely soft grey with silver sparkles in it. Oooo! At the same time I was hunting around for a different yarn that I’d mislaid. (It turned out I’d put it somewhere else whilst I sorted my stashes for the studio move). When I put sparkle yarn and mislaid yarn together … well. It had the desired effect. In fact I found a third yarn which worked even better with sparkle yarn so that’s what I went with. And what did I decide to knit? I opened my design programme and started doodling. I’ve had some thoughts for a double knitted scarf I’ve wanted to design but these were pretty nebulous thoughts. Just impressions of lines. But it was a start. So I gently doodled them. An hour or so later, I had a design I was really happy with. I grabbed my yarn and cast on. And fell instantly in love. Seriously I’m so excited by this pattern. It’s something that is quite new for me in terms of design which I suppose is part of the thrill but it’s also the combination of yarns and the fact that I can see progress with each row. There is a strong element of instant gratification with this project. The progress is steady – there’s 60 stitches of double knit pattern per row but I’m hoping to have something to post here by the weekend.

There is no name for it yet but it’s starting to whisper to me. When I know, I’ll shout it loud!


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