All Work and Some Play

I know I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks. I’ve had a real blitz through my sample knitting for the studio.

I recently sold some designs in New York and my boss asked me if I had any more in preparation for her trip to Pitti Filati. I had some samples ready to go but I also took the chance to collate all my sample ideas. Whilst I was working on my mitt commission, I was brimming with ideas which had to wait until I was able to work on them. Some are straight forward and just need the tension working out. Others need more planning in terms of stitch structure arrangement and the mechanics of the thing. I’ve taken all the scraps of paper that ideas were frantically doodled on and made a kind of “sample map”. There are about 9 or so but I keep adding to it as more ideas come to me.

So this week I’ve been knitting samples. As of this evening, I’ve knitted 2 and a half and expect to finish the 3rd one tomorrow, if I don’t run out of yarn. Of course it means I’ve got nothing to show you but I have been working on some other projects which I’ll share with you in the next couple of weeks.

But before you worry I’ve been all work and no play, fret not. Last Saturday was mine and Boy’s first wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day culminating in a picnic on a hill, watching the sun set. I even left my knitting at home.


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