Building The Perfect Man

I’m hunting for a man. Panic not, I’m still happily married but I’m hunting for is a particular type of man.

I’m researching at the moment and exploring the kind of man I’m designing for. This started when I was doing my Final Major Project at Uni and was an opportunity to create 3 different men of different ages and essentially build a life for them. The clothes they’d wear, the places they’d go on holiday, gadgets they’d buy, the whole thing. It was enormous fun and really useful when it came to designing for them. The 3 men were amalgams of men I have known over the years either as work colleagues or as friends which was useful. I could ask myself “Would X buy this?” When I finished my degree, I put these profiles to one side whilst I got on with commissions and sample knitting.

However, the time is right for me to explore these men again so I’ve been scouring the interweb for inspiration.

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I’m having lots of fun with this and it’s a nice way to spend a holiday as well as being great research for when I get back to work. I’m also starting to think about where my men would shop. I think Hackett would be a good place to start but there’s also men havens such as Start and Wolf & Badger so that may be the next bit of my research.

I will of course be carrying the bags.


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