Yesterday was a great day at work. I’m still cracking through with samples, (I’ve done nearly 5 weeks work in about 2) but I also came to some realisations.

The most important one being that I don’t like “Hetherington”. Don’t get me wrong. I love the man it’s named for – he’s soon to be my brother-in-law – but the pattern just isn’t working. More importantly, every time I sit down to knit it, I resent it. This is not a good reaction to a sweater that I’m going to knit several times so I had to make a hard decision. “Hetherington” in its current format no longer exists. However, there will be a “Hetherington”. Whilst having a break from all the yarn action yesterday, I tidied up and hunted through some boxes. One of these was a box of Uni samples I couldn’t hang up when I first moved into the studio and had planned to get to them when I had time.

Yesterday I had time.

As I hung these samples up on my movable mood board, I found a sample I had loved. It’s a cable pattern like the original “Hetherington” but cleaner and more minimalist. “I should do something with that”.  Well you can see where this is going can’t you. As I walked home from work, frustrated with my dislike for the tangle that is”Hetherington”, I realised that if I didn’t like it now, I’d never like it. Even if I got the front section working properly. I was about to wail that I’d wasted my time knitting it, when I realised I hadn’t. I couldn’t have predicted the problems with it until it was knitted up and hanging on the body. That is kind of the nature of my work. When it works it’s great but there is frustration too. In trying to fix the problems, I discovered some new tricks to rearrange the pattern so I’ve learnt new approaches to future work and I can still use elements of the original idea for sample work. Then I realised, I had “Hetherington” all along. He was just hiding in a box waiting to be discovered.

Not every day is going to be a tale of triumph but every day is filled with discovery. And that is even more rewarding.


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