The Summer has zipped past and now Autumn has turned cold and wet.

Meanwhile, I’ve been a busy designer. I had the usual Summer commissions that kept me out of trouble and there was a steady stream of samples that have been jet setting around Paris, New York and Florence. Some have not made it home because they got sold which is always a good reason for something not to return.

My best friend’s wedding was wonderful. The buttonholes were completed in time and it was so lovely to see the congregation wearing them. We even got the deacon and the registrar involved which really made the bride smile. (Although I suspect becoming Mrs H may have been a factor).

Things have been ticking along nicely while I’ve been making plans. As you may know, I knit samples for a studio and they can be used for anything and in any customer category but my special interest is in menswear. My plans are involved in this area and it’s incredibly exciting to see things that have lived in my head for what feels like forever, start to come to fruition. I’m nearly able to share these plans but you need to be a little bit more patient. I know I’m a wicked tease. It’s why you keep coming back.

In the meantime I can introduce you to the newest member of my team.

135 137 138 140

This machine is known as a Lilliput cording machine. Different people will give them pet names. Mine is called Johnny. Actually his name is Jonathan but I like to run a friendly and informal studio so “Johnny” it is. His full name is Jonathan Swift in honour of the man who gave life to Gulliver and created Lilliput. It’s the little things that make me smile.

Johnny arrived on Tuesday and we’ve been getting to know each other better. He really is a very companionable workmate. He chunters along with a nice “tickticktickitcktick” sound and hardly ever stops.

He’s already proved himself to be indispensable although his tea making skills leave a lot to be desired.


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