Meet The Boys (Part 1)

Gosh where has the time gone?

Well honestly, in a whirlwind of work, students, more work, family things, sample knitting and working out sweaters for my very own collection.

The sample knitting is going well and I’ve been selling very regularly in Paris, New York and Florence. It feels good to have that happening in a more consistent way – each year is getting better – and it means that I can work on other things.

You may remember that at the end of last year the lovely Johnny came to live at the studio with me. We get on very well and the days have fallen into a routine of getting into work, making coffee and working on things while Johnny whirs away in the background. We seem to rub along nicely. However, Johnny is not just there to keep me company, (for one thing his conversation is a little lacking) he’s busy helping to make yarn for me which I’ve been turning into sweaters. I know  I’ve talked about that here too and now I’m ready to show you them – two today and two in my next post.


IMG_2042   IMG_2045  IMG_2044

This design is named for my husband. It has a drop stitch design to create a stripped effect which is mirrored in the sleeves. It’s knitted in the yarn I make in the studio (a heavy chunky weight) and this version is knitted in the mid grey in a large size.


IMG_2049 IMG_2048 IMG_2047

This designed is named for my maternal grandfather and uses a Tunisian stitch. The body is knitted from side to side (rather than the more traditional methods of bottom up or top down) and the stitch is spaced out in the sleeves. It is knitted in the yarn I make and this is in a blue/grey shade knitted in a large size.

So that’s the first 2. What do you think? I’m excited to show you the next two and share my plans for the future,

Stay tuned,

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