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Cornish Capers

I’ve been away for a few days enjoying a well deserved holiday. It was my husband-to-be’s birthday last month. It ended in a “0”, so I took him away to Cornwall to help drown the trauma in fresh fish and cream tea. I did this entirely for him you understand. I didn’t enjoy a moment […]

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Sleeping Beauty

On Tuesday I was taken to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, It was utterly magical. I love Mr Bourne’s work immensely and knew that I was in for a good night by crikey, it went beyond my very high expectations. For me, the costumes are a huge part of the experience. It’s the way they […]

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Sock Week

This week I’m planing on a sock finish. Of course this isn’t just one sock. It’s 4. Two of them are KAL socks that I’ve designed, one is for my fiance (to go with the first one I’ve already completed), and the final sock is the next sock in my “Beyond the Fat Lady” series. […]

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Begin at the beginning

Another busy week of work in all it’s many and varied forms. I had a work commitment over the weekend which meant I spent Monday and Tuesday catching up. However, catch up I did and yesterday I planned out some new studio samples. As ever they are top secret but I’m really pleased with the […]

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The studio samples were both frogged over the weekend. They just weren’t working in the way that I wanted them to. I spent the weekend playing and taking photographs to try and work through it so we’ll see what that brings out. I’m also flicking through my stitch dictionaries for some inspiration. However, I did […]

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Today has been more studio work which is taking shape but still a work in progress. However, I have been productive in ways I can share. This is “Button” which is my latest sock design. The inspiration for this sock came when a friend of mine mentioned how much she loves knitting texture. “Cables or […]

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Snow in Summer.

This morning I’m working on designs for the studio I work for. We’re currently working on S/S which makes me smile. As I look out of the window it’s snowing quite vigorously. Ah the life as a designer. This is what I’ve spent 3 years working towards and it just highlights that inspiration shouldn’t necessarily […]

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