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A Woman With A Plan

I have many plans in operation at any one time. These range from work and knitting schedules to tedious household stuff and are usually in my diary in a vague attempt to stay sane (No giggling back there). Yesterday I drew up a new plan. It occurred to me that there is a significant public […]

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Don’t Ask

There are questions you should never ask a woman without being invited to do so. These range from “How old are you?” to “When are you due?”. Similarly there are questions you should never ask a knitter. To help you here’s a quick list – What will you do with it? Don’t you already have […]

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Sometimes I think I’m doing well. At other times I look at what I still have to do and feel overwhelmed. I value my diary almost more than my knitting because it keeps me on track. There are jobs that I want to have started/completed for a given week. They get put into a day. […]

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Packing Up For The Winter

As the Starks tell us, Winter Is Coming There is a definite chill in the air and the sky has that bright, crisp shade of blue which is the calling card of Winter. This is the signal for leaving the house with gloves and scarves, snuggling into a cosy jumper and putting the barbecue away […]

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This Week I Have Mostly Been …

What a busy week it’s been here at Triskele Towers. I started back at the Uni this week. after the Summer break. When I was a student at Bucks, I worked part-time with Disability Services as a note-taker for students who didn’t take their own notes. It boosted my loan and it was an excuse […]

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Time and Tide and Buttered Eggs.

My husband asked me what I’d like for Christmas the other day. Please don’t panic at the use of the “C” word. It’s normally banned in our house until at least the middle of December, however, Boy works shifts and so we tend to think of our time in blocks of 4 weeks. We talked […]

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On The Other Foot

It’s very interesting to be the client rather than the provider. In reality I am often a client – when I go to the corner shop or the cinema I am a customer, but to actually be asked what you want as a client is a very different experience. This is currently mine. I’m working […]

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Do Something Scary

Today I’m offering up a challenge. We all know that doing something scary is good for us. It pushes us and tests us. It causes us to lose control which can be exhilarating. It emboldens and empowers us. Today I filled out my first ever tax form. “Big whoop” I hear you respond but actually, […]

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Control Freak?

The title is not a criticism. It’s a question. Did you see the punctuation mark there at the end? It’s a question I’m pondering. Before we go further, I should make my position clear. I am a control freak. It’s not always obvious and can surprise people who don’t know me because I appear to […]

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Downtime Knitting

Some of you may remember that I mentioned an event in June. On the 21st June I got married. We started with a registry office ceremony for the legal element which was followed by us gathering in a local wood with our family and friends for a pagan handfasting. The handfasting was a wonderful ceremony […]

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