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Rest For The Wicked.

Gosh! The last few weeks have been a bit … well … yes. Quite. I’ve been working on a commission which for a whole host of reasons too tedious to go into, took slightly longer than expected and was more problematic than I like. Then I had some samples that needed to be sent off […]

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An invitation.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been staying with a friend in London. We spent time catching up and knitting, laughing and generally relaxing. All the time (well most of the time) I’ve been plugging away at the socks for sock week. I was getting ready to leave yesterday and head home, when I […]

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Snow in Summer.

This morning I’m working on designs for the studio I work for. We’re currently working on S/S which makes me smile. As I look out of the window it’s snowing quite vigorously. Ah the life as a designer. This is what I’ve spent 3 years working towards and it just highlights that inspiration shouldn’t necessarily […]

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