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Meet The Boys (Part 2)

So you’ve seen “Wilson” and “Roman”, would you like to see the rest? “Fraser” This is named for my brother. It uses a shifting rib pattern to create subtle chevrons while the sleeves are a plain rib which gives a slim looking sweater. It’s knitted in the yarn I make in the studio and this sample was knitted […]

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Meet The Boys (Part 1)

Gosh where has the time gone? Well honestly, in a whirlwind of work, students, more work, family things, sample knitting and working out sweaters for my very own collection. The sample knitting is going well and I’ve been selling very regularly in Paris, New York and Florence. It feels good to have that happening in […]

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Designs & Colours

Work has been continuing with Johnny. We’re starting to get the hang of each other and there is a nice little pattern to our day, Speaking of patterns. I’ve been knitting some samples for my menswear. There are 4 designs – “Wilson”, “Roman”, “Fraser” and “Hetherington” and the samples just show small sections of these […]

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Plotting and Scheming.

Where on earth has the last week gone?! Oh yeah in a blur of finishing, blocking & sewing a sweater for the shop. knitting not 1 but 2 samples for Emily and working on a new sock design. Then I lost some time when a lunch out with a friend extended into the evening and […]

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Reading Books & Folding Pages

The current batch of samples were posted off on Thursday and, quite amazingly for a parcel sent 1st class via Royal Mail, arrived at the studio on Friday. I was nervous as I waited for Emily the boss’s response but she liked them! You’d think I’d be used to this process by now but every […]

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Autumnal Spinning

We’ve been staying with my mother-in-law for the last few days. There are many reasons I love staying with her – she’s very relaxed, teases Boy and has a lovely selection of wine – but the thing I enjoy most is that she has a garden. I love nothing more than wandering around whilst eating […]

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Sparking Saturday – Tori Murphy

I  love patterns. They soothe my brain and make my eyes relax. Do you remember Magic Eye pictures? I can’t do those because I have the wrong shaped eyeball. (Yes that really is a thing and really why the pictures exist in the first place. They are an ophthalmic diagnostic tool) For me strong geometric […]

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Time and Tide and Buttered Eggs.

My husband asked me what I’d like for Christmas the other day. Please don’t panic at the use of the “C” word. It’s normally banned in our house until at least the middle of December, however, Boy works shifts and so we tend to think of our time in blocks of 4 weeks. We talked […]

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Sparking Saturday – Katharina Klug

This morning I’d like to focus on the beautiful pottery of Katharina Klug. Katharina studied ceramics in Germany and Austria for 6 years. She now lives and works in Cambridge where she teaches at a local college alongside working as an independent, ceramic artist. Katharina describes her inspiration – My work is about simplicity of […]

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Sock Week – The Result

As you can see, I finished 3 socks this week. The first is my “Twisted Knit Group” sock, the middle one is the 2nd sock for Boy and the right-hand sock is my “Earth” sock – another KAL. Now the sharp eyed reader will remember I had a fourth sock to complete. I ended up […]

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