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Plotting and Scheming.

Where on earth has the last week gone?! Oh yeah in a blur of finishing, blocking & sewing a sweater for the shop. knitting not 1 but 2 samples for Emily and working on a new sock design. Then I lost some time when a lunch out with a friend extended into the evening and […]

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Finished “Fraser”

For weeks I’ve been teasing you – would you like to finally see what a finished Fraser looks like? It’s essentially a ribbed sweater but there is a subtle pattern within the work which I really enjoyed knitting. It requires some concentration but stitch markers make my life easier. I’m going to order yarn next […]

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Wilson Part 2

Finally my model issues were resolved and I’ve been able to get photos of “Wilson” on a real human being. It’s always a nervy moment as you realise something may be wrong with the design but I’m really happy with the finished results. Now it’s all done, I can add it to my collection and […]

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A New Roman In Town

I’ve had another busy day finishing sweaters. Today I’ve been working on a new “Roman” sweater. This is in a beautifully, rich brown, Think of a dark, strong coffee – lovely, warm and comforting. The yarn as ever comes from Sheepfold and is lovely to work with. Not only is it soft and nicely spun, […]

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“Wilson” – First Glimpse.

“Wilson” finally came off the needles the other day so it’s currently being blocked. While it was all stretched and gorgeous, I thought I’d take some shots for you – It may look straight forward but the stitch is what makes this garment a little bit different. The fabric is quite dense, making ir lovely […]

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This Week I Have Mostly Been …

Well actually, I’ve mostly been wrapped up in blankets on a sofa while the cold my husband had been incubating, decided it had imposed on his hospitality enough and it was time for a change of scenery. Normally my body is a temple. Currently it is a holiday complex for what feels like the bacterial […]

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The First Step.

What an exciting day I’ve had. Do you recall the post I wrote about a sweater I had designed? The client was really pleased and that gave me an idea. Open a shop.selling my original designs as finished garments. After some encouragement from friends, it’s gone live. At the moment I’m busy with some outside […]

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Sweater Design

After the teasing glances, I can share with you final images of my sweater design. I’m pleased with how it’s worked out – using a very different yarn presented me with some interesting challenges not least of all working with a different drape – but it’s given me plenty to think about. And of course […]

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