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Rest For The Wicked.

Gosh! The last few weeks have been a bit … well … yes. Quite. I’ve been working on a commission which for a whole host of reasons too tedious to go into, took slightly longer than expected and was more problematic than I like. Then I had some samples that needed to be sent off […]

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Summer Hols.

I know. It’s not even April and I’m thinking about my Summer holidays already. To clarify, I’m not thinking about my holiday, rather, those of my students. Another academic year is rapidly drawing to a close which means my Uni students will be going home and I’ll have more time to work at Triskele and […]

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A Break From The Norm

As of tomorrow, I’m on holiday! I’m a little bit excited. For the last few months I’ve been working with a real focus. Or rather, I’ve been more organised and the progress I’ve been making has felt more substantial. Working with such determination is great but it means that I feel ready for a rest. […]

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Light and Shade

I’m still thinking about our trip to Cornwall. We stayed in the very beautiful Trereife Park and I found a particular feature inspiring. There was a stunning light fitting within the main staircase which was made of metallic blooms. There are some really nice shapes in the structure. I see this and think of a […]

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Cornish Capers

I’ve been away for a few days enjoying a well deserved holiday. It was my husband-to-be’s birthday last month. It ended in a “0”, so I took him away to Cornwall to help drown the trauma in fresh fish and cream tea. I did this entirely for him you understand. I didn’t enjoy a moment […]

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