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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the very talented Sarah Cross. Some of the questions really made me think but it was really good fun. She asked me about how I got started as a knitwear designer and about my plans for the future. If you want to read about what my dream […]

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Moving Mania

It’s manic here at the moment. The same day I signed my studio contract, my mother-in-law rang to let me know that the sale of her house has been agreed and that she needs to move by the 29th. Of this month. She has somewhere to move to and it’s vacant which makes life easier […]

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A Sense of Acheivement.

Isn’t it strange how things work out. Last week was mildly frustrating and it was the first time I didn’t complete all my assigned tasks for the week. Realising that I was fighting a losing battle, I concentrated on finishing the studio sample. Everything else could wait. This week got off to a flying start. […]

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Sometimes I think I’m doing well. At other times I look at what I still have to do and feel overwhelmed. I value my diary almost more than my knitting because it keeps me on track. There are jobs that I want to have started/completed for a given week. They get put into a day. […]

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Packing Up For The Winter

As the Starks tell us, Winter Is Coming There is a definite chill in the air and the sky has that bright, crisp shade of blue which is the calling card of Winter. This is the signal for leaving the house with gloves and scarves, snuggling into a cosy jumper and putting the barbecue away […]

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