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As you know, I freelance as a knitwear designer. I’ve been busy with boy sweaters of late but I’ve still found time for sample knitting which is just as well since I’ve been selling very regularly and the studio I freelance for has been asking for more. I normally have ideas posted on my studio […]

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Designs & Colours

Work has been continuing with Johnny. We’re starting to get the hang of each other and there is a nice little pattern to our day, Speaking of patterns. I’ve been knitting some samples for my menswear. There are 4 designs – “Wilson”, “Roman”, “Fraser” and “Hetherington” and the samples just show small sections of these […]

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Rest For The Wicked.

Gosh! The last few weeks have been a bit … well … yes. Quite. I’ve been working on a commission which for a whole host of reasons too tedious to go into, took slightly longer than expected and was more problematic than I like. Then I had some samples that needed to be sent off […]

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Sample Shadows

With the commission completed, I’ve been back to working on samples. The Spring/Summer collection has really got a lace feel to it which I’m really enjoying. It’s stretching my lace knitting in new directions which is what it’s all about. Trying to fit the lace with the more solid edges makes for some interesting creations […]

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More Shadows

I’ve been working on more studio samples and I thought I’d share. I’m currently working on samples for Spring/Summer 15 so I’ve working with lots of lace structure and light yarns. Each sample is also starting to inform the next one I knit. I’m having plenty of “Oo. I could try this next” moments. It […]

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Shadows of Work

For some time now I’ve been talking about studio work without actually showing any images. This isn’t because I’m a wicked tease but because of the nature of selling samples. Once I sell them to the client. the sample no longer belongs to me. This is absolutely fine – as a designer, it’s one of […]

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