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Designs & Colours

Work has been continuing with Johnny. We’re starting to get the hang of each other and there is a nice little pattern to our day, Speaking of patterns. I’ve been knitting some samples for my menswear. There are 4 designs – “Wilson”, “Roman”, “Fraser” and “Hetherington” and the samples just show small sections of these […]

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Yesterday was a great day at work. I’m still cracking through with samples, (I’ve done nearly 5 weeks work in about 2) but I also came to some realisations. The most important one being that I don’t like “Hetherington”. Don’t get me wrong. I love the man it’s named for – he’s soon to be […]

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New Additions.

This week of tasks is drawing to a close and I’m making good progress in both the sample studio work and the shop. The 3rd sample for this month is finished and has been added to the blocking pile. I know I’ve mentioned this already this month, but I really am pleased with the sample […]

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This Week I’ve Been …

Work continues here apace. It’s so nice to feel productive and no time is wasted. My “other job” was cancelled on Monday due to illness, so I cracked on with shop jobs. I’ve got a sweater all finished and ready to add to the shop, I just need to take photos of it. And yes, […]

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First Looks at “Hetherington”

Yesterday I started work on a new sweater design. This is becoming a regular opening statement isn’t it but I’ve got a few designs that I need to work on and now commissions are out of the way, I’ve got some time to do just that. You’re not really interested in the why though are […]

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Finished “Fraser”

For weeks I’ve been teasing you – would you like to finally see what a finished Fraser looks like? It’s essentially a ribbed sweater but there is a subtle pattern within the work which I really enjoyed knitting. It requires some concentration but stitch markers make my life easier. I’m going to order yarn next […]

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Block Party!

The last few post have been quite introspective. I’m sureĀ  you’re desperate for something less navel-gazey. Let me assist. I’ve been blocking a sweater but not any old sweater. No siree bob. This is the first proper view of “Fraser”. I’m really pleased with the effect and how well it’s blocked. I’m working on the […]

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Work began this week on sweater number 3 for my collection. Now that Wilson is finished, I’ve been able to start with “Fraser”. This has been pretty well planned so it just needed to be executed. For the last 2 days my needles have been knitting up a storm and I’m keen to share a […]

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Wilson Part 2

Finally my model issues were resolved and I’ve been able to get photos of “Wilson” on a real human being. It’s always a nervy moment as you realise something may be wrong with the design but I’m really happy with the finished results. Now it’s all done, I can add it to my collection and […]

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A New Roman In Town

I’ve had another busy day finishing sweaters. Today I’ve been working on a new “Roman” sweater. This is in a beautifully, rich brown, Think of a dark, strong coffee – lovely, warm and comforting. The yarn as ever comes from Sheepfold and is lovely to work with. Not only is it soft and nicely spun, […]

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