Downtime Knitting

Some of you may remember that I mentioned an event in June. On the 21st June I got married. We started with a registry office ceremony for the legal element which was followed by us gathering in a local wood with our family and friends for a pagan handfasting.

The handfasting was a wonderful ceremony and was the highlight of our day filled with lots of amazing memories.

We made beautiful quarter staffs to represent Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Now whilst this is all very nice, I know you’re really here for the knitting.I wanted to keep the quarters as a memento of the day but they take up a fair amount of space that we just don’t have at home. So I came up with a solution.

I pulled the ribbons off the quarter staffs and then, having put them in a bag, pulled them out at random and knitted them on 12mm needles.

There’s no rules with this knitting just 27 stitches (21 + 6 = our wedding date) in garter stitch. I love how the different types, thickness and quality of ribbons work together and how they interact. There are some really interesting textures created by this kind of work.

We will have a beautiful wall hanging, filled with good vibes and wonderful memories from our special day.


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