My name is Katy Swift and I have BA (Hons) in Textiles specialising in Knitted and Constructed Textiles. Whilst studying, I was really struck by the lack of exciting knitwear choices for men. Since completing my degree, I’ve become really passionate about creating something that looks stylish and classical, whilst at the same time having a fresh contemporary feel. This allows men to wear something beyond the traditional Fisherman’s sweater without feeling over styled.

I take my inspiration from all sorts of things from visual sources to a phrase that sticks with me. They will spark some ideas for images that I then play with and manipulate. I enjoy the movement of them, taking strong lines from a rigid structure to the softer structure of the human body.

Every garment I create is hand knitted in my studio in Buckinghamshire making each one unique. I like the application of a  traditional method of garment construction, allowing me to work closely with textures and fibres to create unique garments that have a high quality finish and a luxurious feel. I also use that relationship between touch and texture when I work in sculpture to allow the piece to grow in an organic way.