One Step, Two step.

This is the next step in my process. It’s actually two steps at a time but each one informs the other. 
I start to plot out potential stitches. By this point I’ve narrowed down the stitches that will be in the design but there is always an element of surprise to it. Sometimes because they are untested combinations but sometimes because I use a yarn I’ve not tried before.
A potential stitch combination

For this particular project I’m using a nice simple grey to refer back to the old stones of the graveyard and it’s hand painted so there are some lovely gradients in the colour – like ageing – again perfect for the idea of decay.

Now this yarn has got a high twist within the ply which means that it will show off twisted stitches beautifully. This is what a mean when I say this part is really a two step process. If I’m going to use this yarn, it would be a pity not to incorporate some twisted stitches to really make the garment sing. So I need to add some of those kinds of structures.

Twisted stitches are added to the chart.

I have an idea of the shape I want and the width of it so this is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. I really enjoy this part. It’s the really creative bit where I can start to see how it will finally look.
So now it’s time to knit.

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