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As you know, I freelance as a knitwear designer. I’ve been busy with boy sweaters of late but I’ve still found time for sample knitting which is just as well since I’ve been selling very regularly and the studio I freelance for has been asking for more. I normally have ideas posted on my studio […]

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Building The Perfect Man

I’m hunting for a man. Panic not, I’m still happily married but I’m hunting for is a particular type of man. I’m researching at the moment and exploring the kind of man I’m designing for. This started when I was doing my Final Major Project at Uni and was an opportunity to create 3 different […]

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Physician. Knit Thyself.

Today was my first day back at work but I finished early – after all it is a Bank Holiday. The problem I had was that all my knitting had turned to “meh”. There was nothing I felt like knitting. I’ve spent part of my 2 week “holiday” working on either sock blankie or my […]

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Current Inspiration

Boy and I are currently house-sitting for his mum. I love being here because I get to play in a fabulous garden. I always find it inspiring to wander around and see what I notice. Would you like to come with me? Everywhere are lines and shapes that lead me to knitting. I see areas […]

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Essential Desert Islands

Whilst I’ve been helping my mother-in-law pack up her house, I’ve only been able to work on sample knitting. However, I can read about knitting. I read 2 blog posts within only a few hours of each other but that covered the same topic. What are the must have tools for knitting? The first was […]

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A Swarm of B’s

My recent time off has proved to be very inspiring. I had some great ideas occur to me for samples and solutions to problems just appeared from nowhere. I’m reminded of a lecture I sat in on the nature of inspiration and what to do to get creativity moving. One of the recommendations was the […]

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Holiday Round-Up

I’m back at work tomorrow and looking forward to it. I’ve enjoyed my rest but I’m bursting with ideas for more samples. For some reason I’m on cable kick mixed with … unconventional construction which is  really exciting. It’s a great feeling to be going back to work with a definite idea. I don’t feel […]

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I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the words “I’ve been working on samples” because you know I can’t share pictures. However, at the moment, I’ve been doing a fair amount of sample knitting. Partly because I’m planning a holiday in March but also because I’ve been working with some fabulous inspiration and that I can share […]

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Reading Books & Folding Pages

The current batch of samples were posted off on Thursday and, quite amazingly for a parcel sent 1st class via Royal Mail, arrived at the studio on Friday. I was nervous as I waited for Emily the boss’s response but she liked them! You’d think I’d be used to this process by now but every […]

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More Knitting Experiments.

The joy of being on holiday is being able to play!. I’m sorry for the exclamation mark but I am super excited about my knitting plans at the moment. It is so nice to feel really inspired and motivated in my work. Anyway, you’re more interested in what it looks like aren’t you. For a […]

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