Plotting and Scheming.

Where on earth has the last week gone?!

Oh yeah in a blur of finishing, blocking & sewing a sweater for the shop. knitting not 1 but 2 samples for Emily and working on a new sock design. Then I lost some time when a lunch out with a friend extended into the evening and of course I’ve been working at the Uni as normal. As you can see, the last week just kind of ran away but I held on and made great progress with work.

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Most exciting for me is the addition of “Fraser” to the shop. I’ve been desperate to knit one of these for ages but it’s taken until now to actually get from skein to garment. I’m very fond of all my boys but particularly “Fraser”. I think I see him as the trouble maker of the group. Not naughty per se, more a mischievous lad.

And you read correctly, I got 2 samples knitted last week. I have no idea how it happened but it did and it makes me very happy. I was lucky, we went to see MIL at the beginning of the week so I was able to just sit and work but even I was stunned when sample 1 came off the needles on Wednesday and by Thursday, I was halfway through the 2nd.

I can only assume, I’ve been spurred on by my imminent holiday. If I have another week like last, I’ll deserve it!


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