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Fortuna Major

While I’ve spent the last month or so packing and moving and settling, I’ve not been idle. Or rather, I’ve not allowed other people to be idle. I’ve had people testing my latest sock pattern. It’s so easy to miss potential issues either by thinking you’ve done a thing (and haven’t) or by assuming the […]

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It would be easy to think that, with all my recent posts, I’ve only had time for graveyards. Not true. I’ve also been finishing my Wattlebird sock. This is the series of socks I’m working on inspired by the passwords from the Harry Potter books Wattlebird.is the first password found in The Chamber of Secrets. […]

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Sock Week

This week I’m planing on a sock finish. Of course this isn’t just one sock. It’s 4. Two of them are KAL socks that I’ve designed, one is for my fiance (to go with the first one I’ve already completed), and the final sock is the next sock in my “Beyond the Fat Lady” series. […]

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Pig Snout

Today I’ve been sorting out the final edits for my latest sock pattern – Pig Snout This is the second sock in my “Beyond the Fat Lady” series – socks inspired by the passwords used within the Harry Potter books. Pig Snout is the second password of the first book – Harry Potter and the […]

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