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Moving Forward.

I’m currently on a mini holiday. The event is over so I get a week off to recover and I’m making the most of this time to do some paper work. The least exciting part of my freelance life but a necessary one. Whilst sorting through papers, I thought now would be an excellent time […]

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Sweater Design

After the teasing glances, I can share with you final images of my sweater design. I’m pleased with how it’s worked out – using a very different yarn presented me with some interesting challenges not least of all working with a different drape – but it’s given me plenty to think about. And of course […]

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Something New

I’ve been working on developing some of my menswear knitting that was my Final Major Project at Uni. During my 3rd year, I used a yarn that I had created myself and which was very well retrieved by people who saw it. I’d still like to work with a yarn company to make it part […]

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The Seeds of Inspiration

Boy and I have recently become proud parents. Panic not. Before you worry this blog will be over run with bootee patterns and matinee jackets, let me explain. We don’t have actual children. Nor is it the up-coming event. Put your head between your knees and breathe. That dizzy sensation will soon pass. The management […]

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